A Date with Adonis


Thanks Sophie for sharing this story of a terrible, terrible date:

“I was on a date in a restaurant with a lad who had just started modelling.

To break the ice, I said, jokingly: “It must be quite boring coming back home after that job in Rome?”

He replied: “Actually, it’s nice not to be surrounded by beautiful women for a change.”

He did try and explain that he’d meant they were quite shallow, the conversation was dull, etc – but I had already mentally stabbed him with my fork.

Thank you Sophie!

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2 thoughts on “A Date with Adonis”

  1. Most of these things come across as slips of the tongue or the product of nervousness. I’d hate to find something I’d said or done turn up on here being laughed at. Especially after I’d inevitably gone home cursing myself for saying something so stupid, wondering if I was ever going to find a woman I could be comfortable with.

    1. Hi Jim!

      I’ve actually said (and done) tons of stupid things on dates purely because I was nervous, so I tend to assume the same about other people. I’m sure any one of the people featured on the site could tell you a choice anecdote about me! And other times you just don’t get on and that’s neither person’s fault.

      This site’s about sharing the awkwardness of the date, and the strange situations we find ourselves in, rather than specifically laughing at people. I change details so that people aren’t recognisable – the doodles are also impressions of how they came across, rather than portraits of how they actually looked.

      Anyway, I’ve never been on a date with anyone called Jim, so you’re definitely safe 😉

      All the best

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