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I really really reaaaallly hate BT


No broadband for at least another week. Aaarrgghh.

So I should be able to schedule some posts, but apologies in advance for rubbishness in replying to your emails and comments.

In the meantime, I can heartily un-recommend BT as a phone / broadband provider.

Hannah x

I really really really hate BT

I’ve got no broadband again, so probably won’t be able to update the site for a couple of days.

Cheers BT. Again.

While I’m here, here’s a little plea for more dating horrors… please do pass this site on to anyone that might have a story to share.

And massive thanks to everyone who’s sent one in… It does take me a while to get the drawings done, but your story should appear eventually!

Thank you
Hannah x

Hello splendid fellow B3tans!

I’m guessing that you’re here through the link in this week’s B3ta newsletter; rather exciting to be mentioned and lovely to see you here! Hope you enjoy the site, please come back as there’s several updates every week.

And if you’ve ever been on a date with me… hello again!

Hannah x