“Didn’t he mention me?”


I still cringe thinking about this one. It’s not so much a Winning Line, more of an aftermath.

I used to move around the country with my job. One particular contract took me to the Midlands, where I met up with an ex-colleague. We started seeing each other, all very casually, until things ended naturally when I moved to London

A few months later, I bumped into another ex-colleague from the same place.

 We hadn’t spoken in a few years, so we were having a good chat about the old days.

Jen: “Do you ever keep in touch with any of the old gang?”
Me: “Not really. Oh, funnily enough, I was actually seeing Dave til quite recently.”
Jen: “Dave?”
Me: “Yes, remember him?”
Jen: “Dave Edwards*?”
Me: “Yes, that’s him. You remember Dave, don’t you?”
Jen: “Yes. I’ve been dating him for the last three years.”
Me: “Oh?”
Jen: “Yes. Didn’t he mention me?”
Me: “Err, no, he didn’t.”
Jen: “He definitely didn’t mention me?”
Me: “Not once. I’m so sorry, I had no idea”.

And then came the most awkward silence ever in the history of silences.

2 thoughts on ““Didn’t he mention me?””

    1. Yes. It’s an awful thing to have done. I believe they split up shortly afterwards. I guess, in a weird way, I actually did her a favour…

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