I’ve had a number of interesting questions about this blog. So here are the answers:

Q) Are all the stories real?

A) Sure are, these are all genuine comments from real dates I’ve been on. I don’t make anything up because I don’t need to, I have an archive of riches!

I do take submissions for the site, and publish other people’s stories; again, I ask that people are telling their own true stories rather than making them up.

Q) Is every date you go on awful?

A) Far from it. I’ve been on lots of perfectly pleasant dates with perfectly lovely blokes. There’s just rarely any spark there. I only write about the real stinkers.


Q) When did the dates happen?

A) They’re mostly dates I’ve been on in the last 18 months, with the odd archived date from my early 20s.


Q) Where the hell do you find these people?

A) Mostly on the internet, through Guardian Soulmates (or as my mate Dave put it, “Guardian Arsesoulmates”). Bars also tend to be good places to meet Winning Lines-worthy men. Also, occasionally I get pervy hairdressers cutting my hair.


Q) Did you do the drawings?

A) Yes. I like to draw.


Q) When are you going to turn this into a book?

A) That’d be nice… if anyone’s got any contacts or constructive advice, please let me know.


Q) Isn’t it nasty making fun of people?

A) That’s not the intention of the site. This site’s about sharing the awkwardness of the date and the strange situations we find ourselves in, rather than specifically laughing at anyone.

I’ve actually said (and done) tons of stupid things on dates purely because I was nervous, so I tend to assume the same about other people. I’m sure any one of the people featured on the site could tell you a choice anecdote about me!
Q) Is that anecdote about me?

A) Probably not. I change details so that people aren’t recognisable – the doodles are also impressions of how people came across, rather than portraits of how they actually looked.

Q) Fancy a drink?

A) I’m flattered you’d ask, but no thanks. I’m not accepting any date requests through this site. Last thing I want is a string of anecdotes about what a terrible date I am…!

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