No, really, you’re too kind


We went out for hot chocolate. He grabbed the bill as it arrived:

Him: “Do you want to see me again?”
Me: “Sure, I’ve had a nice time”.
Him: “Are you sure you want to see me again?”
Me: “Yes, I just said I did”.
Him: “I don’t want to put you on the spot here, but you’re definitely sure that you want to see me again?”
Me: (getting less sure by the second) “errr, sure, yeah”.
Him: “Well, in that case, I would be delighted to pay for your hot chocolate”.
Me: “What?”
Him: “Well, I wasn’t going to offer to pay for it if you’re not going to see me again.”
Me: “It’s a £2 mug of hot chocolate. I’m fully prepared to pay for it myself.”
Him: “I’ll buy it for you if you’re going to see me again”.
Me: “I’d really rather just get it myself, thanks.”
Him: “No, no, no, I insist. My treat.”
Me: “No, really.”

In the end, he bought the bloody hot chocolates. But he never called me again.

2 thoughts on “No, really, you’re too kind”

    1. Indeed. It soured the whole encounter for me; I’d much rather he hadn’t offered at all. I’m more than happy to pay my own way; if someone’s going to offer to pay for something, it’s got to be with a good heart and no strings attached, or don’t offer in the first place.

      It just got to the point where it was easier to just let him pay, than to keep arguing with him (it was all going a bit Father Ted).

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