Only Men Like Music

“You’re a woman, so how do you know so much about music? Then again, you’re not really a girly girl, are you? You’re more into the things that the blokes are. I bet you’re still into hair and handbags though.”

I have a variety of interests, including music. I don’t really see music as being something specifically male or female, but then again, I don’t think interests should really be classed by gender. I’m not hugely into hair or handbags, for the record, but so what if I was?

3 thoughts on “Only Men Like Music”

  1. In the days when I would think nothing about walking into a record shop with lots of money and no CDs, leave an hour later with lots of CDs and no money, I often used to think how useful a handbag would be.

  2. There’s no shame in a man bag, bags are really useful! I just don’t obsess about handbags, except for thinking that many bags are too small to usefully hold lots of CDs on shopping sprees.

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