“OOOOOOOH, you’ve got lovely big feet, haven’t you? I give a really good foot massage. Some women have got really small feet. I bet I could give yours a really good rub”. 

This, on a first date. Half an hour into a first date. Bit much.

2 thoughts on “Podophilia”

  1. I have to be honest, I’d probably have gone home with him at that point. I’m a sucker for a foot massage. Wait, I just read that back… I don’t mean… I mean I wouldn’t… you know… I’d go home and let him massage my feet. That’s all. I’m not saying he’d get anything in return. He wouldn’t. Cos I’d fall asleep during the massage. Fact.

    1. I too completely love a foot massage. But there was something so forward and persistent about him… it just unnerved me. So I declined. To this day, I wonder if I did the right thing. I do love a good foot rub.

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