sexy maths puzzles


A colleague frequently left ‘erotic’ brain teasers and maths equations on my desk. Seriously. There’d be crude jokes about rooting, sin and periods; I also dimly remember a rude story he’d written about a young lady’s hypotenuse. 

I’m still not sure if this was a really obscure come-on, or whether he genuinely thought I’d enjoy them (still rather inappropriate behaviour from a co-worker). A piece of maths filth would appear on my desk; at some point later that day, he’d sidle up and ask me (with saucy eyebrow action) if I’d liked it.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they always went straight in the bin; his maths was always faulty, which annoyed me.

2 thoughts on “sexy maths puzzles”

    1. I know! I feel my post scarcely does justice to the astoundingly torturous sexual innuendo of those puzzles. Shame…

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