Stage Fright


After a cracking second date, with lots of flirting, it was time to say goodnight. I leaned in for a kiss, whereupon he recoiled and told me:

“I never kiss anyone in public.”

I assumed this was polite code for “your breath smells / you’ve got spinach between your teeth / I don’t actually fancy you because you remind me of my Aunt Veronica”, but he went on to say that he’d be happy to kiss me if I invited him back to mine.

Didn’t feel right. I went home alone.

2 thoughts on “Stage Fright”

  1. It’s more likely code for ‘just in case anyone see’s me and reports back to my wife /gf/partner’, back that up with he wanted you to invite him back to yours and you have a sure fire ‘something to hide’ kind of dude, men can be so Machiavellian at times…

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