The profile picture of Dorian Gray

He looked lovely in his profile picture; sadly, it turned out it was taken fifteen years ago. While there’s nothing wrong with getting older, it’s not right to mislead someone.

I don’t understand why people lie about things like that; they’re going to be busted straight away.

Some people argue that those lines are fine, as it gives you the best chance of getting a date with someone. But I’m not convinced, and I spent the rest of the date wondering what else he was lying about.

Anyway. We didn’t have much to talk about and there was no chemistry at all. He called me the next week to ask me out again; I politely declined and told him that I didn’t think there was a spark there.

He then lectured me for five minutes about being too quick to judge; he felt that we should go on a few dates before I could possibly know whether we had chemistry or not. I said no thank you again, a little more firmly this time.

“It’s your loss”, he told me.

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