The Vanishing Woman


Thanks Dave for emailing this story:

“I met a lady through a dating site; after exchanging emails and calls, we eventually met up.

I took her to a local casino with a fantastic restaurant. While the date was cordial, it was clear that we weren’t made for each other.

She devoured the three most expensive courses on the menu, then stated that she was going to the toilet, and would also be calling her babysitter.

As she left the table, she also asked me to order her a liqueur coffee.

But she didn’t return and I never saw her again.

There was no explanation; not a call, not a text. Nothing. I was knocked off of kilter and didn’t date again for about 6 months.”

Oh Dave. That’s awful. Doing a runner mid-date is cowardly at the best of times. When you’ve saddled the other person with the bill too, it’s inexcusable.

2 thoughts on “The Vanishing Woman”

  1. File that one under ‘free luncher’, encountered similar myself, I bet she said she wasn’t hungry either before woofing her way through the menu, “oh I’ll just have a starter” is the usual opening gambit 🙂

    Cynical? Me ? Perish the thought.

    1. Blimey. Even on the worst dates, I’ve never ever considered doing a runner. I’m there to figure out if I like someone, not to get a free lunch…

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