Three’s a Crowd

Thanks Joe for sending in this story:
“I was 15 and very excited to have met a girl who went to an entirely different school. This was big news. We’d been on one date to the cinema, it had gone well, hands had been held, and I was looking forward to what I thought was our second date.
I met her in town and she was clearly very excited to see me. I took this as a good sign.
Before I could even say hi, she breathlessly exclaimed, ‘I’ve got a new boyfriend! Do you want to come and meet him?!’
Being 15 and entirely baffled by what had gone on, I had a bit of a brain freeze and actually agreed to go with her.
I walked to the other end of town, met her boyfriend, sat awkwardly while the two of them kissed for about ten minutes, then decided enough was enough and caught the bus home.”
Thank you Joe! Find more of Joe’s musings on music and the world here.

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