A Trip to the Flicks


Thanks Joe for sending in this story:

“While arranging to go to the cinema with a girl I liked, she mentioned in a text message that she was “looking forward to getting to know me better.” Even someone as unconfident and unworldly as me knew that this was code for “there will be heavy petting and we’ll see nothing of the film.”

I was feeling pretty full of myself and I met her at the bus stop. Then on the walk to the cinema, she turned to me and said, “I’m glad you agreed to this. When you say you want to get to know someone better, some people take it to mean something else, but I know that you wouldn’t, because we’re friends, and I always want to know more about my friends.”


I saw every second of that film.”

Thank you Joe! Find more of Joe’s musings on music and the world here.

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