Ah, Valentine’s Day, we meet again.

Yay, true love.

He sent me a Valentine’s card, even though he knew full well I had a boyfriend. He also posted a video of himself on his Facebook page, singing a song “for the woman I love, and may have lost”.

I spent the day wondering how to respond. I was pretty angry by his assumption that I’d leave my boyfriend for him; loyalty’s very important to me. I was also fuming at his suggestion that I could somehow be “won”, like a goldfish at the fair.

A few hours passed. I was just composing a restrained “Sorry, but you know I’m not available” text, when I checked Facebook again. 

This time, he’d updated his status to “Fuck this, I’m sick of waiting for a response, I’m going back to bed”. 


8 thoughts on “Ah, Valentine’s Day, we meet again.”

  1. Oh, H, you do attract ’em don’t you?

    Here’s a little Valentine poem I wrote just for you

    My love for you is unrequited
    I’d like to see you – if I get invited
    Put on a pot of tea – I’ll bring some bacon
    And a crusty loaf of bread for sandwich makin’

    Don’t want to push my luck but if I risk it
    Maybe later we could make some biscuits
    And while they’re baking we could get romantic
    Maybe a cuddle, nothing hot and frantic.

    And if you fancy just a little drama
    I’ll be the Barack to your Michelle Obama
    I’ll be the Caesar to your Cleopatra
    I’ll even be the Denis to your Margaret Thatcher

    (sorry, it all gets a bit rude here, in more than one way)

    You be Liz Taylor I’ll be Richard Burton
    As long as I can leave my socks and shirt on
    But if I’m not invited in for coffee
    Your piano playing’s crap and you can’t sing for toffee.

    (not true, obviously)

    Have a great day with the one you love, virtual hugs


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