BT are hateful

I’ve been without broadband for the last day or so. BT are being utterly hopeless about fixing it; they can’t even work out what the problem is.

New posts to follow as soon as I’m online (pecking this out on phone, not great)

Hannah x

5 thoughts on “BT are hateful”

  1. You have my utter sympathy, when my broadband went squirly I visibly aged when trying to deal with their script drones in support, I had it in my mind that we would likely reach the last syllable of recorded time before the Openreach drones would fix it… I even told them exactly what the problem was, qualifications in network engineering come in handy at times, but heaven forfend they stray from the script.

    1. Yep, similar thing here. I’ve spoken to seven different support guys in the last 2 days and it’s no closer to getting fixed.

      Had a fun conversation with one tech guy, where I told him it looked like the server was doing a DNS redirect.

      “An RDS redirect?” he said
      “No, a DNS redirect. have you heard of them?” I asked.
      “Of course I have!” he replied indignantly.
      “Fine. Then please explain to me what a DNS redirect is”. (I was pretty sure he was bluffing…)
      “Errr….” he said “it’s when you do a redirection on a DNS….”
      “Right”, I replied, “please could you put me through to someone with more technical knowledge?”

      At least I’ve got some internet access tonight so I could get another post up… but the engineer’s not coming til Monday. *sigh*

  2. Similar to me, had a lengthy conversation with an Openreach bloke who insisted that my service couldn’t be running so slow “cos it’s not poss to send adsl doen one leg of the phone pair’ ‘err yes it is pal and here’s exactly how adsl works and how you can send it down one leg, oh and have you checked street cab 18 across the road from my property where a fellow Openreach drone was poking around only last week, I bet you a months salary he’s knocked off one of the cable jumpers off the distribution frame’… This was met with expected scorn, came home to find a BT calling card through the door with ‘sorry, you were right, all fixed’

    I am BT’s worst nightmare, a customer who knows more than them, what followed that was another weeks argument about compensation for loss of service, free month, cheaper contract, new home hub… Go me!

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