I met a chap in the pub. He kept talking at me.

One of the more bizarre questions came when he found out I came from London: “London’s famous for its cycle paths! Which one’s your favourite?”

I explained that I’m not a cyclist. But still he continued: “But you must have a favourite cycle path!”.

I had to assure him at least five times that I did not – indeed, I still do not – have a favourite cycle path.

I then asked him what his favourite cycle path was, just to be polite.

He told me that he couldn’t ride a bike.

4 thoughts on “Cyclepaths”

  1. I love this blog. Every time I think the lines can’t get more bizarre or appalling or just plain weird, they do…

  2. Maybe he was going for the ‘cycle path/psychopath’ oronym? Not that that would be a better chat up line.

    The more I read this blog, the better it makes me feel about dates I’ve been on and weird stuff I’ve said/done.

    1. Yes, it’s never a great idea to mention psychopaths when chatting someone up…

      Thanks Barry! I think we’ve all said and done weird things on dates. I know I have, anyway. It’s good knowing you’re not alone.

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