false pretences


Getting the last tube home one night, the chap sitting opposite me struck up a conversation. He told me he worked in finance, I told him I was a writer and musician. He told me his niece was looking for music lessons, and said he’d pass my number on to her.

Now, I did wonder if it was just a line, but potential work isn’t to be sniffed at, so I gave him my number.

The niece never called me. Instead, I received numerous messages from said bloke, telling me how lonely he was, and asking if I’d go for a drink with him.

2 thoughts on “false pretences”

  1. I’d always assumed the etiquette on the tube was to not make eye contact, let alone strike up conversation and pass on numbers, of course that might just be a cynical northerners view point..mind you, last person I engaged in coversation with on a tube ended up trying to sell me a bag of weed.

    1. Possibly atypically for a Londoner, I’ll cheerfully strike up conversation with anyone, and I’m extremely trusting. Sometimes this leads to magical adventures, other times it leads to some rather awkward situations….

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