Haters Gonna Hate


Him: “Hannah, I’ll tell you who I can’t stand. Teachers. What a bunch of boring, bossy bastards.”

Me: “You know I teach, yes?”

Him: “I didn’t mean you. Your work’s interesting, you teach music. I mean people who teach primary school kids.”

Me: “I teach primary school kids”.

Him: “Yeah, but you teach part time. It’s not like you teach all the time, full office hours. I can’t stand people like that.”

Me: “My sister’s a full time teacher.”

Him: “OK, OK, this isn’t a good topic, is it?”

Me: “Not really.”

Him: “Moving on. You know who else I hate? Journalists. The lying, manipulative bunch of scum.”

Me: “You know I worked in radio for ten years?”

Him: “You did?”

Me: “Sure did. Lots of my friends are journalists.”

Him: “They are?”

Me: “Yes. And I assure you, you can’t write off an entire profession as being scum. It’s unfair and untrue.”

Him: “OK, now I’m really squirming.”

Me: “I know you are.”

Him: “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Me: “Yes, I am”

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