I need to stop giving my number to people


I do some volunteer work at a centre. One day, I got chatting to a visitor, who said he wanted to ask me about joining the team of volunteers. The conversation seemed slightly strange; while his manner wasn’t flirty, he quickly moved onto my personal life and started asking if I had any kids, if I was married, whether I had a boyfriend.

He told me that he’d like to talk more about volunteering, and asked for my number. With some misgivings, I gave it to him. 

The next day, he left a long rambling message on my answerphone asking me to meet him on Tuesday at 8.30 outside Top Shop (I have absolutely no idea which Top Shop he meant). I took the coward’s way out and texted him back to say no thank you.

He sent me back a shirty response saying that I shouldn’t have given him my number in the first place. He had a point.

He continues to show up at the visitor’s centre, but we now studiously avoid each other.

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