Nice bum, Sir



Thanks to Katie Trinder for sharing this toe-curling date:

“I think we’ve all had a teacher that we had a crush on at school, so imagine my delight when a few years after leaving, I bumped into one of my old ones who had been affectionately known as ‘nice bum’.

After a chat, a coffee and much hair flicking (by me) and gentle touches of the arm (him) he asked me out…

Delighted, I accepted! He phoned as promised to say he was taking me to the theatre to see Romeo and Juliet; what could be more romantic?

He picked me up at 7 and off we set. There were a couple of salient facts he’d omitted to tell me. We did indeed go to the theatre, however it was my old school theatre, where he still taught and it was a student production of Romeo and Juliet and I’m pretty sure the tickets were free!

From the moment we walked in, all I heard was ‘Is that your girlfriend sir?’, ‘Do you love her sir?’, ‘Are you going to marry her sir?’ And that was just from the other teachers!

I don’t think it was the fact he took me on a date to a school play that put me off, I think it was the fact at the end of the night as he leaned in for what he thought was going to be a good night kiss, he said ‘maybe one day I’ll let you touch my nice bum!'”.

Thanks Katie! How could you resist that offer…
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3 thoughts on “Nice bum, Sir”

  1. My best friend at high school actually married our German teacher – I’d have been a bit happier for him if he hadn’t dropped all his previous friends in the process.

    1. Hmmm. You’ve just reminded me that our music teacher at school eloped with a newly ex-pupil. The school weren’t happy about this at all and he quietly vanished from the school shortly afterwards.

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