Risky Business


Here’s Nick with a tale of internet dating:

“The online conversations went well, and we ended up arranging to meet for a drink.

Within 5 mins she said ‘So, I’ve told you already I’m a part-time escort’

… er, no! I think I’d have remembered that. Thanks, but bye.”


Thanks Nick!


4 thoughts on “Risky Business”

  1. One of my close friends works as an escort and many moons ago I did a bit of web design for her, she introduced me to a few other girls who work my town for similar purposes…imagine my surprise a year or two later to have seen at least 4 of these girls pop up onto dating sites…

    For a laugh I got into conversation with one of them ‘oh and what do you do for a living ‘….’oh I do admin’ ……is that’s what it’s called these days !

    1. Oh, funny. I wonder where in the relationship would be appropriate to explain exactly what “admin” was…

  2. One of them hilariously even used the same photos on her dating profile as she had used on her escorting profile, I’m sat there thinking , this town is fairly small, I can’t be the only one to have made the connection.

    Fair play though if they are honest about it, my friends bf says she’s the best girlfriend he’s ever had, if you can look past the bit where she sleeps with strangers for money…

    1. Oh blimey. If anything, it doesn’t seem terribly safe to use the same pictures on both sites…

      Absolutely, fair play if they’re honest about it, but that’s one of my golden rules in dating. Be upfront about everything… it’s not fair to give someone a surprise several months down the line, particularly if it’s about something your partner might find objectionable…

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