the anorak of love


Hey, here’s our first guest post! Thanks Debs for sharing this story of a terrible, terrible date:

“We went to the cinema, and he turned up wearing the ugliest orange anorak I’d ever seen. After the film, he said he needed the loo and asked me to hold his jacket.

He was in the loo for about half an hour, while I was left as the weirdo hanging around outside the men’s with a bright orange thing under my arm! I’d have run off, or assumed he’d done the same, if I wasn’t holding the damn thing!

When he came out, he took his jacket, said he was tired and went home.

I did see his unattended anorak in the library a few weeks later, but needless to say, I didn’t stick around in case he asked me to hold it again!”

Thank you Debs!

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8 thoughts on “the anorak of love”

        1. Haha! No way, I think he was just someone who went to the loo whenever he liked and for however long he liked without realising it was a social nono to disappear for half an hour on a date. Either that or he had some sort of problem… but then why not just say goodbye and let me go free beforehand! And that still doesn’t excuse the orange anorak!

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