Full speed ahead


Here’s Val with the tale of an over-keen suitor:

“We met at a friend’s party, and hit it off. There was some light snogging.

After the party, he sent me an email declaring that 1) I was the woman for him, 2) that he wanted to have kids with me.

Whereas I was 1) wondering if I’d made a terrible mistake by snogging him, 2) unsure if I wanted to have kids with anyone, let alone him.

Not only that, but he lived a long way away. It seemed crazy to get into a long-distance relationship with someone I really wasn’t sure about.

I thought I’d try and let him down gently. I explained that, while he was a lovely guy, I didn’t think we were right for each other.

‘But I’ve already decided I’m going to move to London to be with you!’ he announced.

That didn’t help.”

Thanks Val!
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